One Line Wednesdays: How About “Hey Y’all”

Today’s One Line Wednesday™ comes from Dear Abby

Dear Abby:

How does one address a letter of complaint to a company? I don’t feel inclined to begin with “Dear” anybody. My mom would have used “Gentlemen” or “Dear Sirs,” but that seems antiquated. “People” seems silly, and “To Whom It May Concern,” pompous. Have you a better suggestion? Diane in Burnaby, B.C.

Stop worrying about how to address a letter that no one will ever read.


Each week, I select a letter for One Line Wednesday™ and skip the usual in-depth advice and gets right to the point in one word or sentence. Think you can do better? Submit your one line response below.  Who knows, maybe eventually there will be a prize for the best one.

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