Phoning it in.

Column like this are the reason why I think that anyone can do this job.

My Hero.. Captain Hero

DEAR ABBY: I have noticed over the past few decades that fewer and fewer people have heroes (I mean real heroes, not celebrities who are famous for being famous). Without positive role models to emulate, it’s no wonder the majority of our young people are losing their way.

– Alison Ashland, Ore.

Abby must have had some important things to do that day, cause she came up with this.

DEAR ALISON: I would nominate the New York City police and firefighters who searched for survivors after 9-11, the reporters at the New Orleans Times-Picayune who stayed at their posts to report the news after the terrible flood that decimated their city and the men and women in our military who put themselves at risk in service to our country.

Come on Abby. Can’t you put a little thought into your answer? Your heroes are the 9/11 workers and the troops.  Edgy. Do you also wish for “world peace” and “ending hunger”?  Valid though they are, your choices are no better than a second grader’s. This woman wrote for your expert advice, the least you could do is think about it for more than 2 seconds. You’re better than that.

For the record, my heroes are anyone who uses the bathroom right after my dad, little dogs whose owners dress them up in ridiculous outfits, and everyone on seasons 1-3 of Dirty Jobs.