It’s Always About Her

So the Burt Reynolds post doesn’t really count.  Here is today’s letter:

Dear Dr. Brothers: I can’t tell if my boyfriend is just irresponsible and forgetful,

or if he doesn’t do the things that I ask because he doesn’t value our relationship. He has no problem remembering the scores of every football game of a season, but he can’t manage to remember to pick up my dry cleaning even when I’ve reminded him. I don’t ask a lot of him, and he’s perfectly sweet to me, but he never goes out of his way to please me. Is this a sign that he doesn’t really love me? — S.J.

Everything about this letter screams “high-maintenance bitch.” I’m guessing you’re super hot and are used to having men do whatever you want. He’s probably average and you think that he should bend over backwards to make you happy.  With your attitude, his being “perfectly sweet” to you just boggles my mind.

It’s really hard to find things to do that rise to the level of “going out of the way” when you make so many petty demands and you complain when he doesn’t do what he is told.

You are his girlfriend, not his boss.  He is your boyfriend, not your personal assistant.  Pick up your own fucking dry cleaning. If you don’t ease up a bit, you’ll find out that he’ll reach a point where he’s sick and tired of your shit, will grow a pair and find a nice girl to be with. As the old poem goes:

No matter how charming and how full of class
To somebody somwhere, she’s a pain in the ass

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