One Line Wednesday: In Her Brother’s Shadow

Today’s One Line Wednesday™ comes courtesy of Dear Abby.

DEAR ABBY: I’m 13, the youngest of three children, but I am treated with no respect. My parents (mostly my dad) treat my brother like he’s a prince. Even if he loses a football game he is praised. I just started playing volleyball and my team won, but my parents haven’t said anything to me.

Abby, I feel so disrespected. Please help me. I have talked to them about it, but it doesn’t seem to get through. — NEEDS RESPECT IN TAMPA, FLA.




You need to accept that respect is earned by having a penis and playing a real sport.


Each week, I select a letter for One Line Wednesday™ and skip the usual in-depth advice and gets right to the point in one word or sentence. Think you can do better? Submit your one line response below.  Who knows, maybe eventually there will be a prize for the best one.