BR is a Centerfold

From Ask Amy.


The only reason I am sharing this….

Dear Amy:“Grossed out Girlfriend’ didn’t like the nude “art” in her boyfriend’s group house. You answered her question suggesting that she might want to contribute a vintage Burt Reynolds nude centerfold to the household. As a 40-year-old straight man, it’s kind of weird for me to be correcting you about Reynolds’ nude modeling career. He posed for Cosmo, not Playgirl.— The Corrector

is so that I can share this…


You may like the smile, but it's the bearskin rug that makes it art

You’re welcome.

And for the Corrector, the centerfold was published in 1972, when you were 1 year old.  That means you must have Googled it like I did.  For a straight man, yeah, it’s kind of weird.